Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Little Addition to the Family!

Friday morning at 12:18 our little Sawyer Lee Morgan was born at 8 pounds 21 inches and a full head of hair! We are so excited to start our lives with this perfect little boy. We are so in love him and cant believe we ever lived without him! Its so fun to finally see his adorable face and get to know his personality.We LOVE being parents! And we LOVE Sawyer!

Sawyer loves his binki already! If he doesnt have something to suck on he is unhappy! Its so early to have a binki I think but it was better than choking on his fingers!

Jared is such a proud father! We are obsessed you could probably say!

He has the biggest feet! They are so long and I can fit one of my fingersinbetween each of his toes!

Labor and delivery went so good and was a lot easier than expected, it all went so fast! Epidurals are amazing! The after math is the hard part! I feel lucky everything went so well and fast though, and with such a cute reward I cant complain!This is Sawyer going home from the hospital in his cute hat that uncle Garrett made for him!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Photo Shoot

Tara convinced me to let her take my picture, I was kinda scared
at first cause Im not exactly in my prime right now!
She did a really good job though and got some
cute ones! While looking back these will be fun to have! Thanks Tara!
Now we just need this baby to come!
The anticipation is