Monday, October 25, 2010

Just in time for Halloween!

So Sawyer likes to play this game where he puts a blanket over his head and tries to find me. Its a fun game we laugh really hard, but a couple days ago he decided to play it by himself! He was in his room playing when I heard a bang and ran in there to find him on the ground with his blanket over his head.
I thought I was so smart by hanging this shelf, with his books on it, at his level. Well this is my consequence. Poor kid!

This is right after it happened! Such a sad face! :(
and the next day he has a pretty huge shiner,
and mom is getting looks every where we go!

So today he climbed up onto the kitchen stool and of coarse feel off face first! He got this big welt in the same place on the oposite side of his face!!! This kid is going to give me a heart attack!

Monday, October 11, 2010

First Family Staycation!

This weekend Jared, Sawyer and I went on our first little family staycation
up to Park City for the weekend! We have been on lots of trips with
friends and family but never just our little
We had so much fun together! We went to dinner on our way up to Park City, and
Soy fell asleep before we even started up the canyon!

We spent the night at the Park City Marriott. When we got there Sawyer was so excited and so hyper, probably from his car nap, I thought we would be up all night! We had fun though in our room playing on the bed in the pillows and his new favorite game alligators and tigers! He crawls on the ground and says "I alligator" and growls. Its pretty cute.
The next day I was so sad my camera ran out of battery, but we
went for a beautiful drive around park city and around deer creek area to see all the changing colors. Then did some shopping at the oulets, then back to
the hotel where Jare and Sawyer swam for almost 3 hours!
We had such a fun time together it just made me fall inlove with my little family all over again! I love being Sawyers mom, and Jareds wife. Im such a
Lucky girl!