Monday, November 15, 2010

Family Pictures

We had family pictures a couple weeks ago with my entire family. My brother is leaving on a mission and we have another addition to our family
so we thought we better get these done while we can! Sawyer was being a stinker and was pulling a stone face the whole time so I was nervous that
they werent going to turn out, but they ended up being pretty cute. I did have to do some bribery though! If you look closely Sawyer is holding a sucker
in all the pictures! Oh well what can ya do!

This was the only smile! And my favorite one!

Friday, November 12, 2010

This quote makes me feel better!

" A perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life."
I often find myself dreading my homemaker duties. I love to have a
clean house but I dont always have the energy or time
to keep up. (I wonder what my excuse will be when I have more than one child!)
I found this book at anthropology last weekend and it made
me feel better! So today my life will not be misspent, sorry house. Im going to spend all day giving undivided attention to my son and Im
not going to feel guilty about my unkept home!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween in Oregon

For Halloween this year Jared's brother Parker, who plays football for Dixie, had a game in Oregon and his aunt Mary just moved to Portland so we decided to make a trip out there for Halloween weekend.
We had such a good time with family and friends. Oregon is so pretty
this time of year, the colors of all the changing trees were so bright and beautiful.
Our friends Scott and Lindsay had just moved to Portland area also and
came and met us for Parkers game and dinner. It was so fun
to see them.

Since we were going to a football game on Halloween its only fitting that Soy was a football player like his uncle parker. Grandma Debbie found this
cute costume for him. He loved the helmet, he wore it everywhere
including the car! He looked so cute! Thanks Deb!

His black eye went so well with his costume! No make-up needed this year!!

The week before Halloween we went to a pumpkin patch with Jared's brothers. Sawyer loved it, his favorite was to push the wheelbarrow. Its so
fun to see him learn and explore new things, he has loved Halloween and all the witches and pumpkins. He asks almost everyday to walk and see the porch decorations in our neighborhood. He says "walk, scary witches", he loves it!

Sawyer loves his uncle Pete! No one else matters if Pete is in the room. I dont blame him though, he is a pretty fun uncle!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Just in time for Halloween!

So Sawyer likes to play this game where he puts a blanket over his head and tries to find me. Its a fun game we laugh really hard, but a couple days ago he decided to play it by himself! He was in his room playing when I heard a bang and ran in there to find him on the ground with his blanket over his head.
I thought I was so smart by hanging this shelf, with his books on it, at his level. Well this is my consequence. Poor kid!

This is right after it happened! Such a sad face! :(
and the next day he has a pretty huge shiner,
and mom is getting looks every where we go!

So today he climbed up onto the kitchen stool and of coarse feel off face first! He got this big welt in the same place on the oposite side of his face!!! This kid is going to give me a heart attack!

Monday, October 11, 2010

First Family Staycation!

This weekend Jared, Sawyer and I went on our first little family staycation
up to Park City for the weekend! We have been on lots of trips with
friends and family but never just our little
We had so much fun together! We went to dinner on our way up to Park City, and
Soy fell asleep before we even started up the canyon!

We spent the night at the Park City Marriott. When we got there Sawyer was so excited and so hyper, probably from his car nap, I thought we would be up all night! We had fun though in our room playing on the bed in the pillows and his new favorite game alligators and tigers! He crawls on the ground and says "I alligator" and growls. Its pretty cute.
The next day I was so sad my camera ran out of battery, but we
went for a beautiful drive around park city and around deer creek area to see all the changing colors. Then did some shopping at the oulets, then back to
the hotel where Jare and Sawyer swam for almost 3 hours!
We had such a fun time together it just made me fall inlove with my little family all over again! I love being Sawyers mom, and Jareds wife. Im such a
Lucky girl!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Whats for Breakfast?

Lately I've been having the hardest time getting Sawyer to eat! I know that sounds bad but he will only nibble on stuff and it takes me like 5 trys of different food before he will even try it. Breakfast is the hardest, there arent very
many things he wants to eat in the mornings...except for candy! This whole week
every morning I'll say "do you want to eat breakfast?" and his
response is either: candy, licorice(his fav), sucker, or popcicle!
The crazy thing is that its not like he has tons of that stuff, he is making me look bad! We struggle in the morning cause I tell him we cant have treats for breakfast, then there are tears and we try to find something else, and this has been going on all week.
So Jare let me sleep in today!(It was really nice!) And I bet you can
guess what I woke up to! If you look in the picture you can
see what Sawyer got for breakfast this morning.....a huge rice krispie treat!
WOW!! No wonder Dad is his favorite!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


As some of you know I have a new found hobby of sewing.
My friends talked me into starting a little pillow shop on etsy and it has been so much fun! My favorite thing about it is buying all the fabric, I have a secret love for amazing fabric! My shop has been open for one month now on etsy.

Today Im doing a giveaway on

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You should check it out!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Porch Popcicles

Sawyer and I have spent a lot of time this summer
hanging out on the porch eating popcicles. He gets so excited if I even mention the word popcicle! He likes to slowly eat his and take repeated licks of mine in between! Sawyer is just at the funnest age, he is just talking up a storm.
He copies everything I say, its like I have a little mimicing shadow! It so much fun to hang with my little buddy. I hope
we can make our porch popciles a summer tradition!

Sticky Kisses! Yum!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Im Oficially an Aunt

My younger sister Nicole had her first baby yesterday! She was 3 days overdue and all of us were dying to meet this little thing. They named her Olive Elizabeth Cramer. She was 8lbs. 1oz and 19inches long. She is so darling we all love her to death!! She looks so concerned in this picture! If you look close she has red hair!!
Nicole had red hair when she was born but it changed really fast, but I hope it stays red! Cant you just picture the cutest little crazy girl named Olive
with red hair!

This is a couple hours after Nicole had Olive, doesnt she look great!
She was so brave and decided that she wanted to have the baby naturally! She labored at home for two hours, then went to the hospital at 3:15am and had Olive at 6:58am! Everything went great, she and the baby were healthy. A couple hours later the nurses came in to check Nicole and found she had a hematoma the size of a softball! She was taken into surgery right then. Everything ended up ok, they stiched up the broken blood vessles and drained the excess blood. It was just so sad because she had done all that work to labor naturally and with no anesthesia and then had to be put under for the surgery! She went through alot! But she said it was still worth it for the experience!

She is way more brave than me!!!

Sawyer was loving his new and only cousin! He kept pointing to her and while laughing would say "baby owive"! It was so cute he wanted to be close to her so he kept putting his face close to hers, then he would kiss her and he kept patting her tummy. It was so fun to watch! He is going to be such a cute big brother!

He also wanted to be a baby like Olive so his uncle scott put him in Olives hospital bed and was pushing him around, it was so funny! He loved it! He was just hanging out in there!

I just had to take a pic of my little man being all swave with his hands in his pockets! So cute!

Jared and I are so excited to be an aunt and uncle for the first time! We cant wait to spend more time with baby Olive! We are so greatful Nicole and the baby are healthy and happy! We love you Nicole thanks for giving us baby Olive!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fun in the Mud

The last couple of months we have been slowly finishing our backyard, well side yard, and it has been quite the project! (Pics coming soon!) Sawyer has been loving every second of it. If you dont know already Sawyer is the ultimate little boy. He loves all things crawling, sticky, messy, wet etc. His most favorite thing to do though is play in the mud! Jared had to dig this trench around our yard for the sprinkler system and like a magnet sawyer went straight for the ditch head first!
He had the time of his life, he rubbed it in his hair for some reason and even ate some of it! Such a funny kid! We Love our little mud monster!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


A couple weeks ago I got a new car, thanks to my awesome hubby,
and I have been wanting to keep it spic and span so Soy and
I decided one day to swing by the carwash. I was all excited for Sawyer
cause when I was little the car wash was like way fun and cool with
the big brushes and to watch the soap drip down all the windows.
So we drove into the wash garage thing and I parked and the wash started. I was trying to get Sawyer all excited so I was saying
how cool it was and I would say "Wow" and he would say
"wow" It was really cute, he was trying to get into it. then the water got close to his window and he got this nervous look on his face and he whined a little, and I was quick to tell
him that "Its not scary its just wa wa!" then he would give me this
half smile! This went on with all of the stages of the car wash.
The water, soap, brushes, no spot spray and the dryer would start,
I would get all excited, and sawyer would copy me, then it would come
by his window and he would get all uncomfortable and
I continued to tell him that "This is so fun!" "Its not scary!"
"Wow cool!"
The car was came to an end and we pulled out, me saying
the whole time how fun that was! In all my enthusiasum I turned
around to see if sawyer was responding and reached
back to touch his leg, thats when I noticed the
soap suds dripping down the inside of sawyers door window! I leaned
back even farther and saw that his window was rolled
down like 2 to 3 inches!!!! And he was soaked!
I felt so bad, I gasped and sat there for a few seconds
wondering how in the world I didnt notice my son getting sprayed by
the carwash, then I couldnt help but bust up
laughing! I sat and laughed seriously for like 5 minutes!
He is so cute to just sit there and only whine a little while his crazy mom
is telling him how fun this is while he is getting
creamed by water, soap, no spot spray and the dryer!!!!
Oh man Soy, your mom can be a space cadet!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The view outside...

Can you imagine as a little kid looking out your front window and seeing
this view of fun! This is the view from our front porch. We live in
Daybreak and they dont have very big yards but lots
of common areas like this to make up for it. Everyday Sawyer looks out
our window and points and grunts, he just loves outside, the playground and all
the kids everywhere! It is so fun to see him get so excited if I even mention
going outside, I cant get his shoes on fast enough!
I wasnt sure if I was going to like such a busy area for our house to be, but so far
seeing how much Sawyer loves it and me not being the most outgoing
type, having such a fun way to meet people in our neighborhood
has made me love it too!
It has been so fun to see Sawyer able to actually play outside now that he is
getting bigger. He is such a boy! I will try to get him to play on the
grass or on the sidewalk but no, he goes straight for the dirt. He likes the sand by
the playground but his favorite is like the actual dirt where the bushes are
and stuff. Rocks and sticks are way cooler than any dump truck!
Its been so fun to see him grow and develop such a personality. He is so busy
exploring all the time he could care less if I am close or not.
He is very independent. It just makes me smile thinking about how cute and
special he is. It all goes by
way too fast.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sawyer's 1st Birthday!!

I can't believe that my baby is 1 yr. old! This year has gone by so fast
its crazy, he is so big and doing new things everyday. He started
walking two months ago and now he is just all over the place.
Some words that he is saying are: mama, dada, wawa(water), baba(bottle or baby or lots of other things!), bampa(grandpa) and my favorite "uh oh", that he says with his hands held out and an exaggerated O shape with his mouth!
Some of the things that he loves to do are: pull everything out of the cupboards, his blue blanket, his daddy, brushing his teeth, taking baths,
eating off of others plates even if he already ate, his big boy carseat and any cellphone he can get his hands on!
He has the best facial expressions and such cute big brown eyes like his dad.
He is such a happy fun kid and I love spending my days with him. I love being
his mom and I feel so blessed to have him in my life.

We had such a fun party with family and friends. Soy Loved
having cake, he just went crazy stuffing it in his mouth and banging it and surprisingly he ate almost the whole thing! Soon after it all came right back out! We had to take a quick bath in the middle of the party from the major blow out! Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us and for all the gifts! Soy is so Lucky to have such supportive, loving people in his life!


Durring the sugar rage!

After! I guess he liked it!!

This is the face of seeing bubbles for the first time! I know kinda weird I've never done
bubbles with him, except for bubble baths, but he was so excited!
He kept saying "Whoa!" it was so cute!