Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Update

There has been so much happening the last couple of months I dont even know where to start! Jare and I are both finally graduated, I am loving staying home with Sawyer and Jare is working full time with no homework!!!! Sawyer is getting so big he will be 4 months old this week and he is going through his clothes so fast I can only get two or three wears out of them! Its crazy! Here is a bunch of pictures of what we have been up to! On May 5th Jare and I had our 3 year anniversary!
My parents took Sawyer and we went up to Midway for the night. We had so much fun, we stayed in a cute bed in breakfast called In on the Creek.

Jare and I both graduated from the U!

Sawyer has always loved his binki and still does but he has also found another friend!! I dont know how I feel about this.....

When it was actually warm at the begining of summer we took sawyer to the pool for the first time! he really loved it, even though he doesnt look that thrilled in this picture! He kicks and splashes with his hands its pretty cute!

We also went to Hawaii with our friends Lisa and Casey! We had a blast, and sawyer did so good! We had amazing weather and did some awesome snorkeling and beaching! It was such a nice vacation and definately deserved and needed for a graduation present!!