Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sawyer's 1st Birthday!!

I can't believe that my baby is 1 yr. old! This year has gone by so fast
its crazy, he is so big and doing new things everyday. He started
walking two months ago and now he is just all over the place.
Some words that he is saying are: mama, dada, wawa(water), baba(bottle or baby or lots of other things!), bampa(grandpa) and my favorite "uh oh", that he says with his hands held out and an exaggerated O shape with his mouth!
Some of the things that he loves to do are: pull everything out of the cupboards, his blue blanket, his daddy, brushing his teeth, taking baths,
eating off of others plates even if he already ate, his big boy carseat and any cellphone he can get his hands on!
He has the best facial expressions and such cute big brown eyes like his dad.
He is such a happy fun kid and I love spending my days with him. I love being
his mom and I feel so blessed to have him in my life.

We had such a fun party with family and friends. Soy Loved
having cake, he just went crazy stuffing it in his mouth and banging it and surprisingly he ate almost the whole thing! Soon after it all came right back out! We had to take a quick bath in the middle of the party from the major blow out! Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us and for all the gifts! Soy is so Lucky to have such supportive, loving people in his life!


Durring the sugar rage!

After! I guess he liked it!!

This is the face of seeing bubbles for the first time! I know kinda weird I've never done
bubbles with him, except for bubble baths, but he was so excited!
He kept saying "Whoa!" it was so cute!