Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The view outside...

Can you imagine as a little kid looking out your front window and seeing
this view of fun! This is the view from our front porch. We live in
Daybreak and they dont have very big yards but lots
of common areas like this to make up for it. Everyday Sawyer looks out
our window and points and grunts, he just loves outside, the playground and all
the kids everywhere! It is so fun to see him get so excited if I even mention
going outside, I cant get his shoes on fast enough!
I wasnt sure if I was going to like such a busy area for our house to be, but so far
seeing how much Sawyer loves it and me not being the most outgoing
type, having such a fun way to meet people in our neighborhood
has made me love it too!
It has been so fun to see Sawyer able to actually play outside now that he is
getting bigger. He is such a boy! I will try to get him to play on the
grass or on the sidewalk but no, he goes straight for the dirt. He likes the sand by
the playground but his favorite is like the actual dirt where the bushes are
and stuff. Rocks and sticks are way cooler than any dump truck!
Its been so fun to see him grow and develop such a personality. He is so busy
exploring all the time he could care less if I am close or not.
He is very independent. It just makes me smile thinking about how cute and
special he is. It all goes by
way too fast.