Sunday, January 18, 2009

Light at the End of the Tunnel!

I started my student teaching this past week, which has gone really good so far, its just a lot of work. Also it doesnt help that Im almost 9 months pregnant and can barely bend over without grunting! I often find my enormous belly knocking kids in the back of the head! Its pretty funny because I obviously look a little different than I did 6 months ago but the kids dont really seem to notice that much or really understand, but the other day there was this cute kiddo who patted my belly and said, "Whats this?" I laughed and told him I had a baby that is growing in my belly. He then tried to lift up my shirt to see inside! It was pretty funny! I really love what I do!
For those of you who dont know Im going into early childhood special education which is birth to age 5. So I work at a special ed preschool where Im also doing my student teaching. This is the last step though, only 4 more months till Jare and I graduate! We cant wait!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our East Coast Advneture

Jared had the chance to take some interviews in Boston last month and I was lucky enough to get to go with! We had such a good time starting out for three days in Boston and then stoping in New York for a couple of days on our way home. Our NY trip got extended two extra days when we missed our flight (Whoops!!) and luckily got the last two tickets home to Salt Lake the day before Christmas Eve! It was freezing cold, but we had so much fun! The last day that we were in Boston there was a huge snow storm. The city practically shut down, Jare and I were the only ones out on the town, but we werent going to let a little snow slow us down!!


We stayed just outside of Manhattan in Brooklyn. This is the view from our hotel, the Brooklyn bridge and the city in the background.
The first place we went was Time Square!
This is Rockafellar Plaza, it was so fun with the big Christmas tree and the ice skating rink. I obviously wasnt in the right shape to go ice skating so we got some hot choclate and people watched for a while!
You cant go to NY without eating pizza! And this was the biggest piece of pizza I have ever eaten!
Walking down 5th Ave. with all the Christmas windows
We heard about the TKTS booth in Times Square where you can get same day broadway tickets for 50% off! So we waited in line in the freezing cold for like an hour and got 12th row tickets to Mary Poppins! It was way worth the frost bite, it was an amazing show! We loved it!