Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Im such a lucky girl! I feel so blessed to be Sawyer's mom. He is such an
amazing boy, he teaches me so much and makes me smile and laugh everyday. I cant believe how big he is and how much he is talking,
it blows my mind! Where does time go?!!
He was so cute when I picked him up from nursery yesterday he gave me this
cute flower and heart necklace he made me, he was so excited to give it to me and that it said "Mommy is pretty" on the flower! It was the best part of my day!
I love you so much Soy and Im so proud to be your mom!


Alisa said...

Hooooly cow! Sawyer is getting so big and he is adorable!! I love that second picture! And, Erin!! What! You are sooo pretty! (Not that that is something new) :)

Jennifer said...

You guys are the cutest!!